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Antenatal classes

Guiding you through the pregnancy journey

Growing a baby for 9 month is a beautiful but challenging experience, brining them into the world can also be a fearful one, that comes with an endless amount of questions and worries.

These feelings are commonly due to the fear of the unknown, also known as ‘the gap between parents to be and the medical world’. 

We understand that becoming pregnant and the journey of pregnancy itself can be utterly terrifying. It doesn’t need to be. Parents to be shouldn’t be left confused or fearful when planing their birth, or when arriving home with their newborns.

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“We feel so confident after Leila's sessions, she's so so knowledgable!”

Frankie GaffMum & Influencer
Antenatal classes

Experienced medical professionals from a variety of fields

Our team is built up of medical professionals with over ten years experience within their fields (who still work within the NHS). Our team is dedicated to removing the confusing medical jargon and delivering workshops that will prepare you from the reality of bringing baby into the world and then bringing baby home. Our sessions are delivered by experts who fully understand what new parents are going through, and more importantly what they need to be prepared in.

Our antenatal classes will allow you to make new parent friends, as well as learn everything you need to know to be prepared for bringing baby into the world, to bringing baby home.

Birth plans and pain relief to feeding your little one and changing it’s nappy. We are the manual you need to thrive and survive in your new journey of parenthood.

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What will happen on the day

Our sessions are informal and interactive, there will be an element of theory and practical to every workshop, and they last two hours. They will run on the same day, at the same time for 5 weeks. The sixth and final session will run three months later, where you will be able to bring your little people!

 Once your session is completed you will be able to login to your Newborn & Beyond account and access a PDF with all of the important take home messages, as well as access to some video recordings. 

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1. Bringing Baby Home

This session explores everything you need to know to confidently look after your newborn from the moment you arrive home.

From basic skin care and nappy rashes, to breathing problems and everything in between. This session is the manual you need to bring baby home feeling prepared and confident.

Paediatric Specialist

2. Bringing Baby into the World

In this session you will learn about all the different ways babies can be born, what to consider when making a birth plan, and how to prepare yourself for labour.

Obstetric & Gynaecology specialists

3. Becoming Mentally Prepared

This sessions will prepare you for the hormonal and emotional changes that occur after giving birth and over the first 12-18 months with your baby.

It dives into how to recognise and manage the rollercoaster of emotions as well as ways of supporting bonding with your baby.

Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

4. Feeding Cues. The dos and don’ts

This workshop will give you all the information you need to get your feeding journey off to a good start.

We share the knowledge & tools to support your emotional wellbeing and help you connect with yourselves & your baby before they arrive.
From exploring the benefits of breast feeding and overcoming common challenges / myths, to discussing alternative feeding methods.

Infant Feeding Specialist

5. Movement Matters + Social

This session will give you guidance on safe movement during the last stages of your pregnancy, and how to start moving early postnatally so you can recover as quickly as possible.

We’ll give you the tools to be the strongest you can be as a new mum, so that you easily handle all the physical challenges that come with a new baby.

Pre & postnatal strength training medical specialist

6. Bringing the little ones along

This session will focus on sleep training as well as your journey into parenthood. We will send you a survey 3 weeks prior to understand your challenges so this social can be tailored towards your needs.

Paediatric Specialist Dr Olivia - Baby Sleeping Coach

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